Sunday 17th November, 2019

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Wire Transfers

Private Banking

Facilitating incoming and outgoing wire transfers for our clients is one of our core services. We fully appreciate that speed of delivery is a critical factor and it is for this reason that we constantly strive to ensure that all payments are processed on the same day as the instructions are received by us. To assist us in achieving our goals, we use two of the most highly respected Correspondent Banks. US Dollar wires can be made through Lloyds Bank PLC, UK.   USD Dollars should be remitted to:   SWIFT Field 50 K (FEDWIRE TAG 5000) Ordering Customer NAME:   ADDRESS:       SWIFT Field 56 (FEDWIRE TAG 4000) Intermediary Bank Information SWIFT: Sort Code: LOYDGB2L 30-96-34 NAME: LLOYDS BANK PLC ADDRESS: First...

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Wealth Management

Private Banking

“Securing your Financial Future” Our parent company, The Bank of Nevis Limited (BON), was founded in 1985, just two years after St Kitts and Nevis were granted independence and was the brainchild of Dr Simeon Daniel, the first Premier of Nevis.  BON was created from an altruistic desire to provide banking services to the local community and to assist with the development of Nevis’ economy. “Securing your Financial Future” was always central to the BON Group’s philosophy when dealing with local clientele and this aspiration has been inculcated into BONI   in our dealings with our international clients and fiduciaries. In cultivating wealth management...

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Multi-Currency Accounts

Private Banking

USD/EUR/GBP Deposit Accounts We fully appreciate that when placing your business, you have choices and in selecting us as custodian of your funds. Not only will we provide you with a competitive rate, we will ensure that your relationship  is managed by a dedicated client relations officer. We will also ensure that your funds are prudently invested by us thereby ensuring that you are not exposed to unnecessary risk. Your liquidity requirements will dictate the term of your deposit and we have a range of options designed to meet your needs, whether they be for overnight placement or for a term of...

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Foreign Exchange Rates
Our Functional Currency: USD

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