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BONI sponsors educational nature walk for young Nevisians

There’s never been a more important time to actively involve young people in nature, ensuring that they feel empowered by the difference they can make to the future of our planet.

Last week we sponsored the Aquatic Recreation Centre’s summer camp by funding a visit to the Mount Travers Hike. The five-day camp trip is designed to help young Nevisians aged 3-11 “embrace some of our culture” while raising awareness of the value of our natural world. During the hike, children were given the opportunity to study nature by learning about the plants in their surrounding environment in an interactive and engaging way.

Spending meaningful time in nature is thought to provide health and well-being benefits for children and adults alike. We hope that by supporting this initiative, we can nurture strong sustainability values within our young people and drive forward a healthier future for people and planet.


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