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BONI is led by a distinguished team with an extensive and illustrious history in the financial services sector. Their collective strength is instrumental to driving BONI forward and establishing a global footprint, underscoring their capacity to consistently achieve success. 


Michael Prest is an accomplished strategic investor renowned for his successful ventures across diverse global markets including Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe. Counterparts distinguish Michael, for his exceptional negotiation acumen. With a focus on natural resources, financial services, and property, he has consistently delivered impressive returns. Exceeding 150% in a decade-long property portfolio and 300% in downstream and upstream oil and gas endeavours and investments.

Presently, Michael is directing his efforts towards the strategic expansion of BONI to a global stage. Taking what was in effect an old-school offshore banking moniker, upgrading the same to a modern, digitally-savvy, possibly nomadic yet diligent customer base, that is the whole world. Ensuring that technology increases footprint and supports and enhances best global industry practices. Notably, Michael is committed to integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into banking operations, aligning investment strategies with the evolving values in a post-pandemic world. Banking can never be the same.

Michael’s impactful contributions extend to disrupting established networks in soft commodities and downstream oil sectors across multiple countries. His career highlights include orchestrating significant pre-finance facilities and introducing innovative oil trade templates that radically changed and liberated downstream physical oil trading markets.

Throughout his professional journey, Michael has been a proponent of empowering marginalized groups, empowering women and fostering diversity in leadership. He co-founded the UK Powerlist, advocated for inner-city education, and actively engages in mentorship roles.  As a trustee, Mr. Prest also sits on the AMOS Bursary Board and his philanthropy has garnered commendation, including praise from Nelson Mandela for his unwavering commitment to assisting others.




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