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BONI is Lead Sponsor of Women of Worth 2023

BONI was the lead sponsor of this year’s ‘Women of Worth’ event which took place on Saturday 18th of March 2023 at the Malcolm Guishard Recreational Park in Nevis. The event was organised by NIA Department of Gender Affairs and was their premier event in honour of International Women’s Day.

Supporting the community and the women in the community is a goal BONI takes seriously. Sponsorship of Women of Worth is one way that BONI is giving back by making sure women are appreciated and recognized; and also by ensuring that the young people of Nevis have access to high quality education and career opportunities.

The objective of Women of Worth resonates strongly with BONI’s core values, that of its customers and all stakeholders. BONI is working to build a business that is inclusive, and the bank has succeeded in ensuring women occupy positions at every level of the organisation.

Through our sponsorship of Women of Worth, we are not only celebrating our community, but also recognising the value and achievements of the women that bring their best to our business every day.

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