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Exploring Bilateral Opportunities: BONI's Potential Collaboration with Nigeria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Michael Prest, from BONI

In a significant development, Michael Prest, of BONI, met with Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs to see how BONI might better align itself with the OHMFA Delivery Unit within Nigeria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It remains BONI’s desire to see how a potential mutual collaboration could yield numerous benefits, to BONI, Nigerian’s in the Diaspora, the Eastern Caribbean, the Wider Caribbean and Nigeria.



BONI's sees the OHMFA Delivery Unit, as an innovative initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aimed at fostering economic growth and encouraging mutually beneficial relationships between Nigeria and the Caribbean.


Investment Opportunities:

The OHMFA Delivery Unit has highlighted investment opportunities spanning sectors such as energy, agriculture, and textiles. Leveraging Nigeria's expertise as the largest oil producer in Africa, BONI would seek to better understand how that might translate to supporting and contributing to meeting the Caribbean's energy demands through joint ventures in traditional and renewable energy projects.


Building a bridge between Africa and the Caribbean remains part of BONI footprint strategy.


Agriculture and food security have been suggested as key areas where collaborative efforts could thrive. Tourism and Aviation are other areas, BONI is keen to support.


Possible Partnerships:

The OHMFA Delivery Unit document emphasizes the potential for partnerships in educational and cultural exchange programs, fostering mutual understanding and enhancing people-to-people connections between Nigeria and the Caribbean. Maritime cooperation is also highlighted, capitalizing on Nigeria's strategic position as a gateway to West Africa.


BONI's support of Nigeria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiative presents a unique opportunity for cross-regional synergy. By exploring these avenues, engaged parties can unlock new dimensions of economic growth and sustainable development. BONI underscores the commitment needed to bring these initiatives to fruition, emphasizing the significance of private sector involvement in shaping the future of bilateral relations between Nigeria and the Caribbean. As discussions unfold, it holds the promise of creating lasting positive impacts on trade, culture, and economic development in both regions.



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