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BONI sponsors Nevisian bodybuilder powering her way to the world stage

We take pride in empowering those who dare to dream big to achieve their personal goals while inspiring a better, more diverse and inclusive tomorrow.

Last month, we partnered with Toni Nisbett, a female competitive bodybuilder from Nevis who reached out to us in search of a sponsorship that would help her achieve her dreams of competing on the world stage. Following Toni’s impressive achievements at the 2022 IFBB Florida Classic in June where she placed 1st in the Master Women’s Bikini over 35 category and 3rd in the Open Women’s Bikini category, BONI sponsored her participation at the IFBB Inter Island Bodybuilding Fitness & Physique Championship in St. Maarten where she placed 3rd in the Women’s Bikini Short Class Category.

“I am writing this thank you note to show my appreciation of this outstanding organization. I would not have been able to compete this year if it was not for the BONI’s generous gold sponsorship,” says Toni. “This is the largest sponsorship cheque I have ever received. I was overjoyed when I received an email from Mrs. Sonia Bowen-Tuckett, Senior VP Banking, informing me that BONI will partner with me for my upcoming shows.”

Toni is now on a journey to achieve her long-term goal of becoming a professional bodybuilder, a dream that she says is edging ever closer thanks to BONI’s support.

As a champion of Nevis and Nevisians, we’re honoured to be part of Toni’s success story, and we look forward to partnering with more talented people who share our ambition to create opportunities for the next generation – because tomorrow’s future begins today.


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