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BONI sponsors UK’s AMOS Bursary gala dinner alongside other global financial institutions

Last month BONI launched a new partnership with the UK’s AMOS Bursary, which works to ensure talented young people of African and Caribbean descent in the UK have the opportunity to excel in the highest levels of education and personal development. We proudly sponsored the AMOS Bursary bi-annual gala dinner alongside other leading financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and PWC.

Separately, BONI also sponsored a theatre trip for 25 AMOS Bursary students to see ‘Counter’ a new, original production written and directed by Maggie N. Razavi starring Maia Prest and Jon Gutierrez.

“I found it to be an excellent experience and the theatre production was truly entertaining. The theatre has really helped to enhance my culture capital and educate me on society and the truths of life.” AMOS Bursary Student

In 2018 black people in the UK had the highest unemployment rate out of all the ethnic groups and black graduates are almost twice as likely to be unemployed as their white peers a year after leaving college. British people of African and Caribbean heritage are the most underrepresented in key positions throughout the UK and only 2% of board members in FTSE 100 companies are black or minority ethnic (Global future, 2018). BONI supports the Amos Bursary in their efforts to address this problem through personal and professional development programmes, peer and professional mentoring, parental engagement, and cultural and networking opportunities.

At BONI, we believe that investing in young people is investing in the future. Our partnership with The AMOS Bursary enables us to engage directly with the bright and talented young people shaping the future of our economies and communities. We look forward to growing this partnership and together supporting more young people to fulfil their academic potential, excel in their future careers, and give back to society.


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