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BONI Sponsors Zambia’s ProjectFit Challenge

BONI was proud to sponsor this year’s ProjectFit Challenge which took place in Zambia on Saturday 18th March 2023. More than 650 competitors from Zambia, across Africa, and around the world took part in the marathon length race. BONI provided the race’s grand prize and a series of hospitality tents for runners to enjoy, including a sponsored breakfast.

BONI understands that true wealth encompasses not just financial prosperity but also physical and mental well-being. The ProjectFit Challenge, which is an inclusive event attracting competitors of all ages and from all backgrounds, is a perfect reflection of BONI’s holistic approach to wealth management. By sponsoring this event, BONI is showing its commitment to promoting well-being and encouraging individuals to prioritize health in their pursuit of financial success.

Running a marathon is not just about physical achievement, but also about setting and achieving important life goals. By sponsoring the ProjectFit Challenge, BONI is encouraging individuals to push themselves to meet their aspirations, just like how BONI helps clients achieve their financial goals through discipline and planning.

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