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Food vouchers totalling EC$30,000 donated to Nevis communities by Bank of Nevis International Ltd...

Donation recipients in Newcastle, Nevis of BONI’s Love Gifts initiative

BONI recognises that the pandemic has had varying and monumental effects on people right across the world. While Nevis has been relatively untouched by COVID-19 in terms of fatalities, many communities have lost their livelihoods in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

BONI is part of the island’s welcoming community and it has a responsibility to safeguard the wellbeing of the families who make Nevis what it is today. In order to help support those who have endured hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic, BONI launched the Love Gifts programme where a total of EC$30,000 worth of food vouchers were distributed to local people. BONI staff members met with locals and gifted 200 vouchers, as well as hearing their stories and listening to how they have individually been affected by the pandemic. To ensure that BONI remains firmly grounded, the bank aims to be a long-term partner of the people of Nevis by giving back to the community and securing their futures.


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