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Bank of Nevis International Partners with Mastercard to Launch Pioneer Cross-border Payment Services

BONI's global customers base will benefit from fast, frictionless, and secure international payments to more than 100 countries through Mastercard’s cross-border network .

Nevis: 02 November 2022

Bank of Nevis International Ltd. (BONI), a leading provider of holistic wealth management, portfolio management, and fintech services for clients from around the world, has partnered with the global technology company, Mastercard, to allow secure and seamless cross-border payments.

BONI customers can now send international payments with certainty, speed, and security through a single point of access. Transfers can be made to businesses and individuals in more than 100 markets and more than 60 currencies covering 90% of the world’s population. Transfers can be made to bank accounts, mobile wallets, cards, and cash agents around the world. Real-time payments are also possible in more than 40 countries.

The award presented to BONI by IBIS Management Associates Inc.

Deji F. Akadiri, VP Fintech & Security, BONI, said:

“As a first mover, BONI has pioneered this relationship and led the way with Mastercard for the benefit of our global clients and businesses around the world. Our Fintech drive increases the BONI footprint and the cross-border payment relationship with Mastercard underpins and supports the ambitions of our customers all around the world. No longer should cross-border payments be fraught with complexity and be shrouded by unpredictable fees and exchange rates. Today, BONI’s customers can make transfers with confidence and certainty.

We are truly global in our approach and our wealth and portfolio management services help clients from all parts of the world achieve their global ambitions. Our clients are global and come to BONI and through our partnership with Mastercard we can ensure transfers can reach 90% of the world’s population.”

For BONI’s private clients this means sending money to loved ones around the world in real-time, paying for tuition, paying for travel and airline tickets, and covering urgent medical fees in multiple countries and currencies with predictability and ease. For our business clients, this means peace of mind with paying international suppliers, sending earnings to global workers, or paying salaries and pensions to overseas recipients.

“By simplifying and optimizing the cross-border payments process, Mastercard and BONI provide a more cost- and time-efficient solution that provides greater transparency for customers,” said Dalton Fowles, Country Manager for Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago, and the Eastern Caribbean markets. “We are pleased to have partnered with BONI to continue our journey on digitizing and modernizing the movement of money — for consumers and businesses.”

In recognition of the bank’s efforts, BONI has also been awarded the ‘Alternative Cross-border Services Adoption Award’ by IBIS Management Associates Inc., the leading international Financial Institution consultancy and payment solution developer in the Caribbean and for the Americas.

Speculative clients and interested persons can get in touch with BONI by contacting or visiting for further information.


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